Hula Hoops

~ Custom fire Dance ~

        Rhythm Fire Dance delivers breathtaking performances, and is one of the leading fire dance troupes in the South West and beyond. Star Fire utilizes the unique combinations of fire and dance to create thought provoking, and memorable dance works.  Star Fire's passion for fire spinning and dance performances has guided the creation of its unique mulit-cultural menu. Creating sophisticated and culturally diverse fire dance repertoire that offers powerful entertainment for all audiences.  All of our professional performers love to dance, and we have a large variety of fire props included: Poi, hoops, fans, fire fingers, dancing cups, staves, belts, snakes, double and single staff, and umbrellas! We offer a blend of dance techniques that include, but are not limited to: Polynesian, Middle Eastern, Hip Hop, African, and gymnastics!

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POI                 HOOPS                  FANS              DANCING CUPS            POI                   STAFF                  FANS