Hula Hoops

~ Renaissance Fire Dance ~

Looking for a Renaissance theme? Well this troop is the ticket. Our Fire Folk performance troop has been specifically designed to whisk your patrons away to a far off land of long ago on journey through mythological and fable based performances with live music, theater, dancing and a wide variety of fire props.

This troop consists of two to three beautiful fire fairy dancing performers, a narrating muse who plays music on his guitar as he weaves patrons into a tapestry of storytelling delight and humor along with our faithful and jolly percussionist. The setting is old England, Scotland and Ireland. With amazing costumes and fun filled audience participation it is sure to be a hit at any occasion.

For Single night events: This Fire Folk Performance is designed to be a 45 minute performance that consists of a series of short stories filled with Fairy Lore that lead the audience through a climatic event of a full fire dancing theater performance.

For full day and multiple weekend festivals: This Fire Folk Performance is designed to be a series of three 45 minute shows filled with Fairy lore, leading the audience through a climatic event of full fire dancing theater performances. We build the shows together in a way that finds patrons excited and drawn to attend all three shows. They grow to know and love our characters for the unique styles that stretch across all ages with moments of fun and funny participation with the audience.

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