Hula Hoops


Click here for a video of Glow Delica!

Hoop dancing is a path to increased self-awareness, confidence, fitness and joy! Through hoop dancing you can not only envision your fantasy self but embody it!!! Vivacious, opulent, captivating, enchanting, luminous, ignited, optimistic, astonishing, outrageous, striking, wild, mythical, stupendous, aglow, snazzy, chic, juicy, beaming, electrifying, thrilling, foxy, far out!

Embrace your differences, and accentuate them! Hoop to life with Hoop Groove! We offer classes, workshops, and performances around the world. Please click on classes to find out where and when you you can begin your hooping journey!

Hoop Dancing


Glow Delica

Click here for a video of Glow Delica!