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Hula I Ka La'a Kea & Na' Haumana
"Dance in the Sacred Light" & "The Students"

E Komo Mei (Welcome)
and Aloha!

 Hula I La'a Kea & Na' Haumana are a family of Hawaiian Dancers and Musicians. With over 15 years of Hawaiian artistic expressions, we bring to your occasion a true tropical Hawaiian island cultural experience with both the ancient and modern songs and dances of the Pacific Islands. Our lovely hula, Tahitian, and Fire dancers will entertain and amaze with their authentic displays of dances across Polynesia! Enjoy exciting drum rhythms of Tahiti, soothing sounds of Hawaiian Auwana, and our award winning fire dance performances utilizing er 8 different fire props, for a blazing hot, beautiful and memorable show!

And no Hula show would be complete with out giving you a chance to learn a little hula with us! After the show we encourage you to takephotos with our beautiful Hula Dancers.

We offer performances for your very special event, and Hula I Ka la'a Kea offers classes in Hula, Tahitian, and fire dance.

To see a sample of our hula shows check us out on youtube...
Then click on Hula I Ka La'a Kea. To find out about where we teach, click on classes.

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